Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sista in da house

Hey, who said I am gonna talk about biz all the time? ;)

Saja je feel like saying a word or two before I go off to sleep. My sis in law, aka Adik, stayed with me for 4 months during her practical training in KL. She just completed her training and she is now back in Jitra, Kedah. And I am one of those people who needs time to fine tune myself to changes. The house suddenly feels quiet pulak. hehe. 

I'll share some happy moments photos :)

And yang paling I'll miss is all the yummy food Adik masak...can I blame the extra kilos on her? hahaha. My favourite is cucur yg sgt yummy...I cannot stop munching this!


 Adik, Kak Emma wish you all the best in your future undertakings. Perjalanan masih panjang...untuk capai kejayaan, usaha mesti ada dan keep on moving up the ladder of success. Cintan cintun akan datang bila tiba masanya, takyah nak risau ok :)

Love n miss u loads! InsyaAllah kita jumpa lagi soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The A-Z of "my dissapearence"

OK, has been over a month I havent updated my blog. Walaupun followers yang tak seberapa, tapi ramai yang dok tanye and  I wont lie...the reason is I am just pure lazy. I actually have a lot to say but lately I am disappointed in a few things, that I decided rather to just let myself cool down before I write something I might regret. A friend of mine told me, that's the whole reason I should blog, it's a place where you can speak your mind! So here I am again after menyepi diri for some time.

In the past month, many events took place. Kalau rajin, nanti I upload gambarlah...

But do you wanna know what runs through my psycho mind? Or the happenings for the past 1 month? Here goes.......

a) Hubby went for Umrah leaving me lonely for 10 days
b) Me and my family attended wedding of my cousin, Yang Azizah in Kuantan. It was like a reunion, stayed at D'Embassy and felt something missing without my other half with me (cos he's in Makkah at the time)
c) Discovered all married men and women flirts no matter how good hubby/wifey they are
d) Reunion with my two besties masa kerja Starbucks, Zalee and Fairuz
e) Belated honeymoon celebration with hubby in Cherating and had a romantika time
f) Learn the hard (or costly) way that not all friendship are worth keeping
g)Tengok penyu with hubby in Telok Mak Nik, Terengganu
h) Pergi for a special urut in Cherating and the best one by far! 
i) Pegi tengok Bruno Mars gilerrs!
j) Celebrated Mom's u Mummy :)
k) Learn to stop finding for answers, instead turn to Allah and he will show me the way
l) Celebrated Aunt, Alang's bday. Watched Rio together with Alang and Cubi and realized cartoons aint that bad after all.
m) Learn how to keep anger in and smile when Giant irritates me to the max
n) Swim 3 times a week and now Gavin and Shasha calls me "Emma from the sea"
o)  Baru tahu that there are cute guys (gay or not, I'm not sure) goes to my condo's gym
p)  Know the existence of buah zuriat and how hard it is to peel it
q) Abu the cat is madly in love with me, he comes to me if I kenyit mata (if only that works with Bradley Cooper)
r) Hubby is jealous of Abu. I am so in demand :p
s) My sis in law's cooking is better than me (or so he makes me feel like it)
t) Erin, my team mate, has split personality (hehe)
u) Getting pregnant is easy for some, but hard for me.
v) Anuar Zain is so hot! Why is he gay! I love "Sedetik Lebih" to bits
w) I hate the thought of me turning 30 this year!
x) Money can actually buy people
y) I love my family to bits...I hope I can bring them for an expensive holiday end of this year...
z) My hubby pampers me, and I love every moment together with him.

Hey, are you all asleep already? So now that I shared with you my post will just kickoff from here..I am back, peeps! I love writing...I may just pen down anything I can think of off for my own pleasure and for your entertainment maybe. Nites! :)