Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coffee to the rescue :)

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. 
I have a problem without caffeine.
Thank you Nina for the caffeine session :p

This week has been challenging, I guess in business there are ups and downs. I wouldn't say it sucks, I guess it's just rather disappointing when things doesn't go as planned. I'll get over it. 

Thank you Vanilla Latte, you saved the day! 
(and great friends and business partners who are willing to listen to me crap and motivate me)

Nothing can bring me down, I am strong and the rest of the week will be better, insya-Allah. 

I have Diamond Night to attend on Saturday...yippee! Though many of my business partners can't make it, it's still going to be a blast (Fifi, I think we need to shop!)....time to shop to look extra HOT! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

back to healthy lifestyle, Emma!

OK, I admit, I have put on weight. Tiap kali jumpa customer, tiap kali calories pun bertambah. Snacks, coffee, fastfood...sangat tidak healthy! And exercise? I haven't gone jogging as often as I used to! Err, cos I am just too busy! Really! (I know u guys are going "Alasan!")

Cubi, can we start jogging again? I need a jogging partner to keep me motivated on weekends...else I akan zzzzzzzzz on weekend mornings :p 


Hubby bought me new pair of shoes cos I told him my running shoes dah koyak which made my kaki sakit...haha (really!)

Boleh kira the number of times I pakai sejak beli :p

He even dragged himself out to jog (he loves team sports ie futsal, bola sepak) just to motivate me, but I found other excuses...hehe

Penat ke yang oi? :p

But I am going to make jogging my routine again...I have 4 weddings coming up (paling dekat is in March...sempat ke?) and I need to look good! Baju kebaya semua dah tempah, I even suruh tailor buat a few inches smaller...kalau tak lose a few inches, habislah i! 

My last charity run was in November, and ever since I havent joined any runs...not that I'm a runner, but if I have and event as such, lagi semangat I nak train myself...

From left: Sarcastic sista, me, and Nazi Trainer
I also need:
a) my sista to give me sarcastic remarks on my weight into piss me off so that I will actually jog again
b) I need to get Nazi trainer, Shakir for training sessions (Shasha, are u with me on this?)
c) Nazi diet instructor, Amira to marah me each time I nak minum teh tarik or eat anything with oil!

 Jogging or any type of exercises are good for you, but jangan lupa pakai Premium Beautiful sekali...bagi u shape and no more menggeleber....u will look GORGEOUS! 

Plus, detox semua yg merosakkan badan tu with LACTOLITE...you'll lose weight faster! 

With great body, of cos you will look more confident!


LACTOLITE or MAHARANI (your choice)



Friday, February 18, 2011

In Memory of Dato' Adnan Mohd Tahir

"Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names"

I just feel like saying a word or two about a wonderful and inspirational man who once cross my path. Last year, as I was going through adoption sites to find out more on parents who have adopted (for my future options), I came across many articles on an organization called OrphanCARE. I dropped an email to the President's inbox to ask more about it. That's how I knew the late Dato' Adnan Mohd Tahir. Me and hubby then met him and his wife, and he was so enthusiastic and passionate when speaking of OrphanCARE and Viva Palestina.

   Dato' Adnan Mohd Tahir passed away last Saturday, on 12th February 2011, leaving his wife Datin Elya Lim Abdullah and three children. Without realizing it, tears roll down my cheeks when I heard the news. I read his status message on FB "Alhamdulillah, Hosni Mubarak has resigned. Congratulations to all Egyptians! May Egypt rise again as the centre of the Arabs, insyaAllah" at about 12midnight and a few hours later, he passed away.

Throughout my involvement with OrphanCARE, he was very passionate of their cause and he had so many ideas to contribute. Baby hatch was made possible by his great leadership in OrphanCARE. Many babies are now saved from being abandoned and many children are given homes. 
I remembered him telling me that he wanted every child in the orphanages to have a proper home and family. He said if we don't save the children from orphanages, when they turn 18, what will happen to them? I believe in the organization's mission and cause however due to personal commitments, I wasn't able to commit to the organization for long, but if I had a chance to work with any organization, it will definitely be under someone with his attributes; a true leader, sincere, hardworking and someone I have very high respect for.

He was such a father figure who pushed me to be the best I could be as he saw the potential in me. When I was involved with OrphanCARE, I only managed to finish one article as he requested, and he praised me for it. I promised him I will find time to write another one  soon, but never did I imagine the next one will be about him. 
Many high profile people would only do charity for the name and glamour, but he is one man I know who does charity from his heart. He could've have contributed more if he was still with us today, but Allah loves him more.

Moga roh arwah dilimpahkan rahmat & di tempatkan di golongan org2 yg beriman & beramal soleh. Al Fatihah ... 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gathering BBQ bersama ACCKL

After a long time, family ACCKL (our family nyer team name) berkumpul semula untuk BBQ beramai-ramai di rumah Arwah Tok dan Wan di Hulu Langat, Selangor. Miss my late grandparents so much, lagi meriah kalau ada orang tua sebagai pengikat keluarga...but generasi ACCKL mesti teruskan hidup dgn kenangan-kenangan indah bersama mereka :)

Since saya adalah antara yg terawal sampai, so makan pun paling awal...tu yang lebih rounds makan tu...hehe

Grill sotong dan udang
 Haa...sape nak BBQ ayam?

Inilah hasilnya....haha...first few tries tu api masih tak betul lagi, susah nak dapatkan api yg sesuai...so hangus...err, tapi bukan I yang bbq ni ye...saya tukang makan je ye!

Ni plak mcm terkurang masak :p

I malas tol nak snap pics..mungkin sebab semalam takde mood...penat pun ye jugak...so amik sikit2 from my bb je lah...so here's the two adorable girls yang suka berposing...kalau nak tau, dlm bb i ni je ada 10 kot gbr diorang...sikit2 "Auntie M, lagi sekali..."...haha...layan je lah...

Leha and Sabrina

And this BBQ pun sebenarye sempena bday my uncle, Pak Wan. So Happy 50th Bday Pak Wan!

It was a nice gathering...catch up with my Aunts, update them about my business...nilah time nak cerita apa kita buat....and also layan anak2 sedara...and catch up with cousins...tapi tradisi ACCKL, ada sesi performance...dengan guitar, microphone semua...malangnye gambo kat bb buruk so i tak dpt nak tunjuk....I nyanyi ngan my cousin, Bob lagu "Leaving on a Jetplane" tapi geram suara tak kuar...akibat dari terover makan lah tu...haha....but yg lain2 nyer performace was fun...

So, kalau ada gbr2 yg menarik, I update kat FB jelah..ingat nak curi je gbr from my bro's camera (cos gambo i dlm tu byk gaklah...hehe) tapi lambat sgt dia upload...In short, semalam terover makan seperti biasa. It was also potluck concept, jadi ada 1001 jenis makanan...nak rasa lah semua kan...

This week has been good, appointments tak putus-putus...Alhamdulillah...it's all about spreading the news to everyone...kalau dok diam je, camne lah orang nak tau kita jual, tol tak?

And I have one thing so say...LACTOLITE, TOLONGGGGG! Detox semula lah nampak gayenye! :p

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After a stressful day at work, do you know what makes me feel alive? Sharing dreams with another dreamer, Jieha

Who said being dreamers aint good?

Everything starts with a dream. Without one, you will just stay put and limit your potential. You wouldn't even know if your life could be better than it currently is. 

Credit of this photo given to Mr Hubby
Only those who have big desires and dreams will have great motivation to rise to the top. Kan Jieha?

Move on to another topic. Today, I learnt that what my mentor told me is true. It's those closest to us are the ones who takes away our dreams (Orang yang rapat dengan kita sebenarnya adalah pencuri impian kita). They think they know us well enough to judge us. They think they have the right to bring us down. They think that just because they know your past, they can take away your future?

Just ignore these negative vibes. Continue chasing your dreams. No one can tell you who you are except YOU.

So when you have put your mind and soul into something, go for it and prove to them that only we can take away our dreams. Not them.

I found a business that not only rewards me with every effort, made many new friends with the same dreams...best of all, I found a new strength in myself I never knew I had. Alhamdulillah.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In pursuit of new handbag :)

Dahulu kala bila I keje bank, berlatar belakangkan Jalan TAR dan SOGO,  takdelah pulak pressure nak bersopping designer handbags...tetapi sejak kerja area KLCC ni, tiap-tiap hari lalu boutiques Prada, Chanel, Ferragamo...stress pulak rasenye bila nampak bags yg cantek gilers tu...

So apa kata next biz bonus treat myself to one new designer handbag? But I belum tahap boleh beli tanpa lihat tag harga (will get there someday! hehe)...so I masih gunakan teknik "Survey dan compare" baru beli...wahaha

I ajaklah mak hayam (nama samaran saje ye!) dan Taty teman survey otw to lunch.
Ntah kenapa I suka sgt black handbags walaupun dah banyak kaler hitam! Senang nak match kot :p tapi i ni memang old fashioned sikit....

Tapi atas permintaan ramai, I was asked to be more daring and different this time...white or turquoise blue?

I hate white cos I'm a messy person, nanti habis kotor! So I shortlist the blue one lah ye. What do u gurls think? Seriously, this blue one tinggal satu je ok!

The search continues...belum habis survey lagi! :p

And after work, met up with a friend to share this great business opportunity @ Aseana KLCC...thanks Hanis for coming! I'm so lucky to be in this great team bawah pimpinan Hanis! Sentiasa motivate me to move forward, appreciate it sgt2!  

Great leaders, great business partners...dapat more friends, more money...and with more money, insya-Allah I can provide more to people I love. 

Car fund, free trips 3 times a year, many more reasons to join us!