Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wow, time flies! It's almost 2011!!! I checked back my 2008, 2009 and 2010 resolution which I actually jot down in my diary, and there is one thing in common. All three years, Resolution No. 1 = LOSE WEIGHT! haha! Macam makin naik je every year...well 2011, masih item yang sama on top of my list, but this time I am more confident cos now I have PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL :)

Ada impian utk nampak as HOT as Kim Kardashian?

And have gr8 curves like this hot mama? Walaupun dah beranak, anda masih boleh kelihatan anggun ok!

Eat right (elakkan fastfood and junkfood), exercise regularly (2-3 times a week kalau boleh), drink 8 glasses of water (it's proven to make you lose weight faster tau!)...dan pakai Premium Beautiful...GUARANTEED you will lose weight and get back that hot curve by New Year!

Siapa tak mahu kurus? Siapa tak mahu sihat? Looking good brings out the confident in you! 

Now with New Year around the corner, get your Premium Beautiful corset today!!! Look at the prices, slashed down for a limited time only!!!


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

RM4500 in 2 weeks...let's double it up in another 2 weeks!

OK, I must admit, I haven't really gone shopping in ages! With the mountain  of commitments I have, tiap-tiap bulan I try to refrain myself from buying myself anything. Savingslah kononnye. But this week is different, cos thanks to Premium Beautiful, I have additional RM4500 in just TWO WEEKS! 

After putting aside some money to treat my Dad to his Blackberry (which I have promised him for months!), I dragged Hubby for a little shopping. With the crazy sales everywhere, we ended up shopping like crazy! OK, OK...I went a little overboard with shopping... hubby just got himself a pair of Pedro shoes which was on sale. Thanks Sayang for being patient...and for not grumbling...and of cos, for carrying all the bags! Love u!

Honey, penatlah...

Oh well...I deserve it...I put in lot of effort...staying up replying emails, sacrificing sleep for the past 2 weeks...so I told myself, OKlah, first pay cheque, bagilah I chance sikit...next pay cheque bayarlah semua hutang piutang...and then aim for a debt free life. Aah, heaven! :)

So verdict:
- 4 Charles & Keith Bags (2 for me, one for Mom and one for sis-in law's bday)
- 1 Charles & Keith Wallet
- A new Luggage Bag
- 2 Pedro Shoes (one for me, one for Hubby)
- 2 pair of Vincci shoes (I ran out of working shoes)
- 3 pair of Reebok T-shirts
- Replenish my make up

Let's hope for business to grow the next couple of months. I really, really wanna go shopping again!!! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The beginning of a journey to PB World

OK I must admit, investing in Premium Beautiful (PB) is not in my list of investments. The opportunity came at the right time and I must thank Farah for forwarding me a blog that may change my life forever - insya Allah. I love getting to know successful people, and especially the ones who have reached the peak at a young age. Ada a few of my friends out there has made it BIG as well and I am proud of them. Nope, I'm not jealous...I want to be one of them, if not, much much better. 

I have been successful in terms of recognition-wise and dont get me wrong, getting a promotion makes me happy, but it's not enough. Why? Cos even if I work 100% harder, I still get the same salary or if lucky, a little increment at the end of the year. Bukan tu aje, kita kerja rajin2 tapi kalau boss rate kita teruk, ciput jugaklah increment kita...I tak pandailah nak bodek2 boss ni...I lagi suka kalau lagi kuat kita bekerja lagi banyak fulus masuk - barulah setimpal dengan usaha. I truly feel that this can be achieved only in a business.

After reading Hanis punye blog, I'm like "Is this real? Memang boleh achieve ke semua ni dalam masa singkat?" (I memang a bit skeptical about anything that involves selling barang through networking) Tetapi...lepas jumpa Hanis in person, I am more excited to join the business because her achievements does not come easy, it takes effort and hard work too. You can read more about Hanis aka my mentor:

I decided to join the business because I believe I can do it too. Premium Beautiful is a bestseller in the market and my aim is to let every woman know the benefits of this product to a woman - not only for slimming, but it's also for health. Every woman should have a set. Rugi kalau tak beli tauuu...nanti I bagitau sebab-sebab dan kenapa in more posts to come.

New Year is approaching and the right time to look GREAT, SLIM and DASHING! New Year promotion for Premium Beautiful is coming your way!!! Wait for it gurls!!!

Or if cannot wait oredi, to find out more, CALL ME 012-6164714 (Emma)

Say TAK NAK to Teh Tarik

My weakness? Teh tarik! Macamane nak say NO to this eh?

Imagine the amount of susu pekat in a cup of teh tarik. Pagi kalau no teh tarik, rasa mcm tak lengkaplah my breakfast...and kalau lepak ngan hubby kat mamak after work sometimes pun, I akan order teh tarik. I try to order something else, tapi bila tgk mamak tu tarik teh, fuiyoo...mcm sedapppp and terus dengan tanpa pikir panjang "Teh tarik satu!"...camne nak lose weight camni?

Next week I will try to go at least 3 days without my morning boost. Someone, anyone...challenge me please...I ni pantang dicabar...so maybe that will help. Just a MAYBE. Plus, I nak start Nestle Fitness Cereal 14-day program seriously...so breakfast and dinner makan cereal dan oats jelah. Boleh ke ni? Tungguuuuu.....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big dilemma: Straight or curls?

I like straight hair, easy to maintain. I think I look better with curls though, but I am a lazybum who hates setting her hair in the morning, especially with my issues on punctuality, I think I'll be even late for work! Argh! Let's see the votes to far:

Hubby says curls
Mom says curls
Sister says curls
Bestfriends say curls
Colleagues say curls

I think I'll go for straight hair. It's my hair, guys...it's not like you are the one who is going to put on that curling cream after I blow dry my hair. It's not you who's going to answer to my boss who is already noticing I come in 10 minutes late almost every other day. I blame the carpool, the taxi, the LRT, the rain...fine, I am just simply not punctual! hehe. I will change...especially now that my boss stress clearly today that the new Big Boss is particular about punctuality. So now instead of putting the alarm clock an hour early, I must put it 2 hours earlier, and let it beep 10 times before I wake up.

Ok back to my serabai hair problem. Here's a confession: I hate going to hair saloons! Now that will probably answer your questions that you've been asking in your heart "Why is Emma's hair out of place and she does nothing about it?"...I can feel the questions each time you look at my hair, people. Yes, I noticed.

Ever since I was a kid, each time I go to hair saloons, my mom always get asked about my hair scalp. She'd buy all kind of shampoos but it's still dry. And the hair stylist will spend the entire time while cutting my hair, telling my Mom how this daughter of hers should take care of her hair and giving her tips. Every single time! And I was just a lil kid, I do get hurt u know. Sensitive kid I was. Thank God my Mom was on my side, and she would change hairstylists if I hate that "stupid hairstylist yang kutuk my hair tu".

But until now, I STILL get that.
Hairstylist says "Wah, your scalp very dry but hair oily"
I go "Uh-huh"
Hairstylist says "What shampoo you use?"
I tell him the brand.
Hairstylist says "That brand no good, no wonder hair like this". Then he recommends some shampoo and despite being kutuk and told I've got bad scalp and hair, I always end up buying the shampoo.

So not only I get my feelings hurt from awful comments, I lose money too.
Cut and Blow =  RM80 for long hair
Rebonding or Perm = RM250
Shampoo = RM120-RM150
Feelings get hurt = Priceless

I'll drag my body to the saloon this weekend. Whether curls or straight, I'll still get hurt again by the hairstylist.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inner Beauty is No. 1, but looking beautiful inside and out is a BONUS!

Let's talk about beauty. People keep saying beauty is skin deep, beauty is what's in the inside, beauty comes from within...etc etc bla bla bla...i think the people who came up with that are just trying to make themselves feel better :p

Not being cruel here, just sayin'. I am one of those unlucky ones which seems to have a hard time losing weight...in short "naik berat badan senang, nak turun punyalah susah!"...when i was like 9 years old, I was an obese kid. My mom pampered me to bits..I can eat KFC 6 pieces in one go! But I started to lose weight when I turned into a teenager, arnd 16 years of age...but imagine 7 years having people tell me the consolation words "beauty is skin deep"...but honest truth, I dont think I had that many friends nor any guy looked at me. At 16 when I lose weight, and started looking pretty, guys were asking me out...people wanna be friends with me...I got more attention that I needed. So tell me, kalau betul it's all about the inside, kenapalah saya dilayan dgn teruk sekali dahulu? That's my personal experience.

But then again, no regrets on my side pun. There was a lot of things I learnt from there. The main thing is I learn a few things:

1. Physical appearance does matter (kena nampak presentable lah...rambut jangan serabai, muka jgn garang sgt, pakaian mestilah bersesuaian)
2. To survive in this cruel world, you must look good to attract attention (this helps in the working world...walaupun org kata boss tak tgk semua tu, but I was a boss before, and I mmg suka org yg bergaya...of cos kerja pun kena OK...hand in hand)

3. Men loves to see beautiful things (ni bukan maknanye kena muka mcm Angelina Jolie...but u have to look good...wear make up...make sure pergi monthly facial and your face will glow...I met hubby for the first time at the bowling alley...he was in the next lane and start mengorat...later dia bgtau, first thing he said he saw was physical, dari mata baru turun ke hati...i amik sebijik ayat dia kata kat i ok...no reka-reka...hehehe)

4. Beauty = Confidence (Simple, my confidence level is high when I get noticed, and by just 'Cantiknye make up u' or 'Mana u beli baju tu? Cantiknye!' is enough to boost my confidence the whole day!)

BUT...before u judge me and say Gosh, this girl is so full of herself..........I stand corrected....INNER BEAUTY MEMANG PENTING, tapi sekiranya hati busuk pun takde gunanya. Looking beautiful inside and out is a BONUS! Apa yang ada di dalam, adalah diri u sendiri...terpulang pada masing2 utk berubah sekiranya ada kekurangan....but beauty in the outside, we can work on it. Jaga penampilan diri dari muka hingga ke kaki....and complete it with Premium Beautiful. Insya-Allah you will look extremely beautiful :)

p.s. oh yea. sebab i upload gbr ni is cos time ni i lose 7kg from my previous weight lepas kawen, and i got many hits on facebook comment about the hair n weight loss. Physical apperance penting gals! :)

Manja terlebih pun tak elok :p

Dah lama I tak tengok gambar kahwin so since tgh boring2 ni, hubby and I sajelah belek2 gambar lama...tergelak besarlah we all...saiz badan kitorang dah naik double kot in 4 years! haha!

The first 2 years I still maintain this figure tapi ntah bila I stopped taking care of my body. Before kahwin, my mom masak and I will say no if i dah makan banyak sgt. Pandai pulak I skip rice for dinner...aerobics and gym was my daily routine. After married, nak rush balik utk masak, gym mmg tak sentuh and each time I cook, I eat.

I know, not an excuse! But this was what happened. I didnt realise I put on weight day by day. And before I know it, I am way overweight. Now another task of mine is to lose weight. Susahnye! But this week I have made it to the park 3 times! Weehoooo! So if I can keep this routine, maybe in like hmm....6 months I can get my figure back? With the help of Premium Beautiful, I'm sure it'll be less than that :)

Comment Hubby: "Sayang, dont worry about losing weight. I sayang you no matter what. You sentiasa comel"....one thing, comel is another word for ugly in my vocab. second thing, how to motivate myself to lose weight if i dont feel inferior. and lastly, he pampers me too much and kadang2 manja terlebih pun tak elok...in my case, manja terlebih end up with me being a fatty. haha...

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's never too late to be what you might have been

Yup, it sure aint. Sometimes I tanya diri sendiri, what have I accomplished? I am turning 30 next year and there must be something right? Mungkin orang kata I ni tak bersyukur, but the truth is I have accomplished a lot in my career, but not when it comes to self satisfaction. I never felt truly satisfied of my achievements as those were never my passion, career = money, tu aje.

Let me intro myself, since this is my new blog and first blog I go by exposing my true self. Yes, I am anonymous in other blogs but that's the whole fun of it! haha.

I am a 29-year old woman, married with no kids - yet. I got married young, at 25 all I want is to be united with the love of my life. Unfortunately, until now takde rezeki anak walaupun dah cuba macam2 cara. Mungkin ada sebab Allah tak berikan rezeki anak buat masa ni and mesti ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni. I redha je. Insya-Allah dengan usaha dan doa, it will happen. I was working in a bank for 4 years and that was the fastest 4 years of my life. Being promoted to Assistant Manager and Manager in 4 years terasa mcm unbelievable jugaklah time tu, but the sacrifice was the late hours at work and I had NO life. Kalau ada life pun, a very PATHETIC one. I left due to pressure and it wasnt a life I imagine myself to be in. Now I'm happier in my new workplace and promotion came less than 2 years here. Rezeki kerja Alhamdulillah, rezeki anak mungkin di masa akan datang.

I have gr8 parents who have brought me up well and I love them more than anything in this world. Yeah, I have a sarcastic sista and metro sexual brother, nevertheless I love them to bits. And a loving hubby who still makes me laugh and say the most romantic things although dah kawen almost 5 years. I am blessed in many ways.

Now I only have 1 thing left to do...chase the inner satisfactions. I want to make $$$ and help other people make $$$. Walaupun orang kata money is not everything, tapi I believe money makes you happier lah. I want to be able to go into a Prada shop and purchase a bag without having to think twice if this will effect my "entertainment with friends" budget. I want to be able to bring my family travel wherever they want without having telan air liur thinking of how much money is going to be spent. I want to be able to help the less fortunate lead a better life. I want many things, and it all comes down to money.

I'm starting now. The journey has begun and I'm sharing it with you. It's never too late to be what you might have been. I'm the living proof. Follow me :)