Saturday, November 20, 2010

Manja terlebih pun tak elok :p

Dah lama I tak tengok gambar kahwin so since tgh boring2 ni, hubby and I sajelah belek2 gambar lama...tergelak besarlah we all...saiz badan kitorang dah naik double kot in 4 years! haha!

The first 2 years I still maintain this figure tapi ntah bila I stopped taking care of my body. Before kahwin, my mom masak and I will say no if i dah makan banyak sgt. Pandai pulak I skip rice for dinner...aerobics and gym was my daily routine. After married, nak rush balik utk masak, gym mmg tak sentuh and each time I cook, I eat.

I know, not an excuse! But this was what happened. I didnt realise I put on weight day by day. And before I know it, I am way overweight. Now another task of mine is to lose weight. Susahnye! But this week I have made it to the park 3 times! Weehoooo! So if I can keep this routine, maybe in like hmm....6 months I can get my figure back? With the help of Premium Beautiful, I'm sure it'll be less than that :)

Comment Hubby: "Sayang, dont worry about losing weight. I sayang you no matter what. You sentiasa comel" thing, comel is another word for ugly in my vocab. second thing, how to motivate myself to lose weight if i dont feel inferior. and lastly, he pampers me too much and kadang2 manja terlebih pun tak my case, manja terlebih end up with me being a fatty. haha...

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  1. YES! Premium Beautiful is the best solution! Ive been using it and love it to bits! you can instantly see the result! but you have got to be consistent. seriously its AMAZING