Thursday, November 25, 2010

The beginning of a journey to PB World

OK I must admit, investing in Premium Beautiful (PB) is not in my list of investments. The opportunity came at the right time and I must thank Farah for forwarding me a blog that may change my life forever - insya Allah. I love getting to know successful people, and especially the ones who have reached the peak at a young age. Ada a few of my friends out there has made it BIG as well and I am proud of them. Nope, I'm not jealous...I want to be one of them, if not, much much better. 

I have been successful in terms of recognition-wise and dont get me wrong, getting a promotion makes me happy, but it's not enough. Why? Cos even if I work 100% harder, I still get the same salary or if lucky, a little increment at the end of the year. Bukan tu aje, kita kerja rajin2 tapi kalau boss rate kita teruk, ciput jugaklah increment kita...I tak pandailah nak bodek2 boss ni...I lagi suka kalau lagi kuat kita bekerja lagi banyak fulus masuk - barulah setimpal dengan usaha. I truly feel that this can be achieved only in a business.

After reading Hanis punye blog, I'm like "Is this real? Memang boleh achieve ke semua ni dalam masa singkat?" (I memang a bit skeptical about anything that involves selling barang through networking) Tetapi...lepas jumpa Hanis in person, I am more excited to join the business because her achievements does not come easy, it takes effort and hard work too. You can read more about Hanis aka my mentor:

I decided to join the business because I believe I can do it too. Premium Beautiful is a bestseller in the market and my aim is to let every woman know the benefits of this product to a woman - not only for slimming, but it's also for health. Every woman should have a set. Rugi kalau tak beli tauuu...nanti I bagitau sebab-sebab dan kenapa in more posts to come.

New Year is approaching and the right time to look GREAT, SLIM and DASHING! New Year promotion for Premium Beautiful is coming your way!!! Wait for it gurls!!!

Or if cannot wait oredi, to find out more, CALL ME 012-6164714 (Emma)

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