Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big dilemma: Straight or curls?

I like straight hair, easy to maintain. I think I look better with curls though, but I am a lazybum who hates setting her hair in the morning, especially with my issues on punctuality, I think I'll be even late for work! Argh! Let's see the votes to far:

Hubby says curls
Mom says curls
Sister says curls
Bestfriends say curls
Colleagues say curls

I think I'll go for straight hair. It's my hair, guys...it's not like you are the one who is going to put on that curling cream after I blow dry my hair. It's not you who's going to answer to my boss who is already noticing I come in 10 minutes late almost every other day. I blame the carpool, the taxi, the LRT, the rain...fine, I am just simply not punctual! hehe. I will change...especially now that my boss stress clearly today that the new Big Boss is particular about punctuality. So now instead of putting the alarm clock an hour early, I must put it 2 hours earlier, and let it beep 10 times before I wake up.

Ok back to my serabai hair problem. Here's a confession: I hate going to hair saloons! Now that will probably answer your questions that you've been asking in your heart "Why is Emma's hair out of place and she does nothing about it?"...I can feel the questions each time you look at my hair, people. Yes, I noticed.

Ever since I was a kid, each time I go to hair saloons, my mom always get asked about my hair scalp. She'd buy all kind of shampoos but it's still dry. And the hair stylist will spend the entire time while cutting my hair, telling my Mom how this daughter of hers should take care of her hair and giving her tips. Every single time! And I was just a lil kid, I do get hurt u know. Sensitive kid I was. Thank God my Mom was on my side, and she would change hairstylists if I hate that "stupid hairstylist yang kutuk my hair tu".

But until now, I STILL get that.
Hairstylist says "Wah, your scalp very dry but hair oily"
I go "Uh-huh"
Hairstylist says "What shampoo you use?"
I tell him the brand.
Hairstylist says "That brand no good, no wonder hair like this". Then he recommends some shampoo and despite being kutuk and told I've got bad scalp and hair, I always end up buying the shampoo.

So not only I get my feelings hurt from awful comments, I lose money too.
Cut and Blow =  RM80 for long hair
Rebonding or Perm = RM250
Shampoo = RM120-RM150
Feelings get hurt = Priceless

I'll drag my body to the saloon this weekend. Whether curls or straight, I'll still get hurt again by the hairstylist.


  1. Sejak bile plak I said curls?
    Go straight with bangs. Like selma blair. I think u can pull it off.
    Now go to the hairdresser and tell her STRAIGHT JET BLACK WITH BANGS!

  2. i tanye u ari tu u kata straight is boring...u soh i buat relaxing...going to saloon this weekend...yeehooo!