Sunday, November 28, 2010

RM4500 in 2 weeks...let's double it up in another 2 weeks!

OK, I must admit, I haven't really gone shopping in ages! With the mountain  of commitments I have, tiap-tiap bulan I try to refrain myself from buying myself anything. Savingslah kononnye. But this week is different, cos thanks to Premium Beautiful, I have additional RM4500 in just TWO WEEKS! 

After putting aside some money to treat my Dad to his Blackberry (which I have promised him for months!), I dragged Hubby for a little shopping. With the crazy sales everywhere, we ended up shopping like crazy! OK, OK...I went a little overboard with shopping... hubby just got himself a pair of Pedro shoes which was on sale. Thanks Sayang for being patient...and for not grumbling...and of cos, for carrying all the bags! Love u!

Honey, penatlah...

Oh well...I deserve it...I put in lot of effort...staying up replying emails, sacrificing sleep for the past 2 I told myself, OKlah, first pay cheque, bagilah I chance pay cheque bayarlah semua hutang piutang...and then aim for a debt free life. Aah, heaven! :)

So verdict:
- 4 Charles & Keith Bags (2 for me, one for Mom and one for sis-in law's bday)
- 1 Charles & Keith Wallet
- A new Luggage Bag
- 2 Pedro Shoes (one for me, one for Hubby)
- 2 pair of Vincci shoes (I ran out of working shoes)
- 3 pair of Reebok T-shirts
- Replenish my make up

Let's hope for business to grow the next couple of months. I really, really wanna go shopping again!!! :)

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  1. Hi kareemah..How are u babe? miss chatting with u.. ive just read ur i like wat?? is this workable? nak jgk double up my income. but what's the catch of this plan? let me know the info yea. You may drop the info in my email: want my husband to know about it..ahaks!