Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inner Beauty is No. 1, but looking beautiful inside and out is a BONUS!

Let's talk about beauty. People keep saying beauty is skin deep, beauty is what's in the inside, beauty comes from within...etc etc bla bla bla...i think the people who came up with that are just trying to make themselves feel better :p

Not being cruel here, just sayin'. I am one of those unlucky ones which seems to have a hard time losing short "naik berat badan senang, nak turun punyalah susah!"...when i was like 9 years old, I was an obese kid. My mom pampered me to bits..I can eat KFC 6 pieces in one go! But I started to lose weight when I turned into a teenager, arnd 16 years of age...but imagine 7 years having people tell me the consolation words "beauty is skin deep"...but honest truth, I dont think I had that many friends nor any guy looked at me. At 16 when I lose weight, and started looking pretty, guys were asking me out...people wanna be friends with me...I got more attention that I needed. So tell me, kalau betul it's all about the inside, kenapalah saya dilayan dgn teruk sekali dahulu? That's my personal experience.

But then again, no regrets on my side pun. There was a lot of things I learnt from there. The main thing is I learn a few things:

1. Physical appearance does matter (kena nampak presentable lah...rambut jangan serabai, muka jgn garang sgt, pakaian mestilah bersesuaian)
2. To survive in this cruel world, you must look good to attract attention (this helps in the working world...walaupun org kata boss tak tgk semua tu, but I was a boss before, and I mmg suka org yg bergaya...of cos kerja pun kena OK...hand in hand)

3. Men loves to see beautiful things (ni bukan maknanye kena muka mcm Angelina Jolie...but u have to look good...wear make up...make sure pergi monthly facial and your face will glow...I met hubby for the first time at the bowling alley...he was in the next lane and start mengorat...later dia bgtau, first thing he said he saw was physical, dari mata baru turun ke hati...i amik sebijik ayat dia kata kat i reka-reka...hehehe)

4. Beauty = Confidence (Simple, my confidence level is high when I get noticed, and by just 'Cantiknye make up u' or 'Mana u beli baju tu? Cantiknye!' is enough to boost my confidence the whole day!)

BUT...before u judge me and say Gosh, this girl is so full of herself..........I stand corrected....INNER BEAUTY MEMANG PENTING, tapi sekiranya hati busuk pun takde gunanya. Looking beautiful inside and out is a BONUS! Apa yang ada di dalam, adalah diri u sendiri...terpulang pada masing2 utk berubah sekiranya ada kekurangan....but beauty in the outside, we can work on it. Jaga penampilan diri dari muka hingga ke kaki....and complete it with Premium Beautiful. Insya-Allah you will look extremely beautiful :)

p.s. oh yea. sebab i upload gbr ni is cos time ni i lose 7kg from my previous weight lepas kawen, and i got many hits on facebook comment about the hair n weight loss. Physical apperance penting gals! :)

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