Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After a stressful day at work, do you know what makes me feel alive? Sharing dreams with another dreamer, Jieha

Who said being dreamers aint good?

Everything starts with a dream. Without one, you will just stay put and limit your potential. You wouldn't even know if your life could be better than it currently is. 

Credit of this photo given to Mr Hubby
Only those who have big desires and dreams will have great motivation to rise to the top. Kan Jieha?

Move on to another topic. Today, I learnt that what my mentor told me is true. It's those closest to us are the ones who takes away our dreams (Orang yang rapat dengan kita sebenarnya adalah pencuri impian kita). They think they know us well enough to judge us. They think they have the right to bring us down. They think that just because they know your past, they can take away your future?

Just ignore these negative vibes. Continue chasing your dreams. No one can tell you who you are except YOU.

So when you have put your mind and soul into something, go for it and prove to them that only we can take away our dreams. Not them.

I found a business that not only rewards me with every effort, made many new friends with the same of all, I found a new strength in myself I never knew I had. Alhamdulillah.



  1. Emma, you have no idea how grateful i am to have a friend like you and that i was even been given to have this opportunity to work with you and Wan that might change my life forever! Yes, we are dreamers. But our dreams will come true insyaAllah. love, Jieha.

  2. I'm happy to have a friend like u too..i believe in you and you have shown that you can do this, we are so proud of u! InsyaAllah we'll both achieve our dreams soon :) nnt we go survey name card holder yg mahal ye :p

  3. so proud of both of you... finally we are doing something that can make a difference in our lives. Ppl can judge but thats all they have... they are the ones who are afraid to make changes in their lives and they are at aloss. we are the winners! and keep motivating ourselves to achieve what we always dream of! insyaAllah .. have faith in yourself! muax!

  4. alhamdullilahh glad we are now under one team. :)