Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Holiday 2010 - KK & Pulan Mantanani

Fuhhh penatnye rasa sepatutnya rasa lagi relax, tapi rasa lenguh badan...sakit satu badan naik bot yang dok enjut selama lebih sejam! ceritanye begini, percutian ni actually dah lama me and my sister plan for our family... alhamdulillah, hubby yg sentiasa sibuk dengan businessnya pun dapat participate, so since all six of us are finally available for a few days duration, so teruslah book tanpa nak fikir banyak's actually planned for my lovely parents nyer 30th Anniversary, which dah lepas in September, but the present kirenye came in December lah ni.

Just the 6 of us

Sambil tu, me and hubby treat this as 2010 nyer honeymoon lah...alhamdulillah duit pun masyuk je semenjak join business baru ni, so we pampered ourselves lah lebih sikit kali ni..janji happy! :)

Dynamic Duo on holiday mode

DAY 1: Check in hotel and relax - buat suka hati

We took the morning flight and when we got there, terus check into Meridien. Bagi those yg suka jalan2, duduk sini paling senang...dekat ngan shopping complexes, Filipino market, pasar (kalau nak beli udang bawak balik KL), and easy access to tempat2 makanan. But me, hubby and Mummy terus ke Warisan Square for foot massage. Ala, murah2 nyer je...RM50 for foot massage + foot scrub for an hour. Oklah tu. Then lepak2 until dinner time...masa yang ditunggu2...SEAFOOD!!!:)

These are huge kerang...lagi besar drp sudu tau!
Saje ambik gbr ni nak tunjuk kerang ni besar! hehe...
Chilli Crabs...sedapppp!

DAY 2: Mantanani Island Adventure
Perkataan "Adventure" tu ada sebabnye...hehe...siapa yang faint-hearted tu, tak payah lah pikir nak ke sini, especially time Monsoon ke, angin kuat ke...ombaknye sangat besar...

Pulau Mantanai..paling dekat ngan South China Sea
It takes 1.5 hours to reach Kota Belud and kena amik boat dekat ngan Tuaran (if I tak silap lah, bab Geography ni mmg I fail...hehe)...ada jetty kecik...then from there, it took about an hour naik boat...siapa yg suka rollercoaster, feels like an hour of rollercoaster!!! jugak actually...tapi ada yg mabuk laut jugak i nampak...well, for was worth it lahhhh....SANGAT LAWA!!!!

This awaits when you reach the island

I can just laze by white sandy beach all day!

Clear blue for snorkeling n scuba!
All of us went snorkeling except Mummy and hubby. Mummy tak suka main air, phobia pun ye jugak. Hubby pulak nak try out scuba. I wont go into the details of his near-death experience trying out scuba for the first time...but yeah, kesimpulannye is, make sure the person who guide you is really experienced and follow the steps to train a first timer. He hasn't given up anyways and we shall find time to scuba again - banyak lagi islands nak explore lagipun kannnn.....

Hubby nak tunjuk corals yang disusun...layan jelah
Kalau terkena jellyfish ni, terasa mcm tangan kena potong!
Beach ball with the island people
Big catch! The fish, I mean...hehe
Masih romantika after 30 years! :)

DAY 3:  Recuperation
Everyone mostly in bed, recuperating from the boat ride from Mantanani Island back to the main jetty. The ombak was way too rough!!! Mummy wanted to vomit, seasick. The guys from Scuba Paradise was really cool, made all kind of jokes to distract us from looking out to the rough sea. I must admit, the journey to the island was alright, but the journey back was SCARY!!! I hugged hubby most the time, although with life jackets on, I cant help thinking if I tercampak and the life jacket terbukak, will anyone find me? What if no one rescue me til night, mesti scary terapung dalam gelap...and all kind of scary thoughts ran through my mind.

Tapi selepas semua dah tido and massage puas2, sempat gak makan nasi padang. Food is the cure to everything :)
Sedap betul nasi padang kat sini!
Percaya tak ni untuk 6 orang makan?
Oh, we managed to go to Filipino Market to get some souvenirs lah. Nothing much, just bought some borneo pearls for myself and some friends. And we had seafood dinner again. Most of the pelik2 shell type of seafood seem to be finished by the time we got there. Damn.

DAY 4: Packing seafood bawak balik
We beli udang besar, udang pelik and sotong giant. Packed it in ice, khas untuk diterbangkan ke KL. Yum yum...makan seafood jelah we all seminggu dua ni...hehe

Dia paling excited nak gi pasar!
Catch of the day! was an awesome family holiday! Next trip, insya-Allah when the business grows, target 6 months from now...I nak bawak my whole family gi London! I nak shopping di sana! To my family, I hope you had a gr8 time as much as I u loads! And wishing my parents a Happy 30th Anniversary once many more wonderful years to come with God's will. And to hubby, looking forward to honeymoon again in April, Hong Kong here we come!!!! :)

Til the next holiday!!! Muahhhssss!!!!


  1. I am waiting for those words- bawak my whole family gi London! Waiting, waiting!

  2. best nya!! tak sabar nak gi singapore, pastu HONG KONG FREE TRIPS! THEN maybe New Zealand!!! woohoo!! cepat kareemah.. we work harder so we'll gain more and more and moreeee. saper tak joing business ni memang rugiiiii kan kan kannn? ehhehe