Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ice Cream, peeps?

Ice cream wins 5th place in my de-stress list. And it's good that there is another new ice-cream place near office, senanglah kalau terasa mcm so hot inside or bengang at someone...I can just cool down with chocolate banana ice-cream fudge...YUMMY!

I ordered this last week but terlalu busy to sorrylah my blog is not really updated with my ongoing life...kalau nak up-to-date about whats happening in my ordinary life, I'm on Twitter and FB...straight to my BB :)

This is my pick...Choc Banana Fudge (Chocolate and Banana Ice cream flavor, with banana slice, caramel and choc syrup...and some other fattening stuff)

Ni my friend yang's strawberry and cheese mixture with some other sweet stuff..cherry, whipped cream etc :p

So head down to The Cream & Fudge Factory to cool yourself's kinda pricey but it's worth it :)

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  1. dang... you had to post this when i am fasting! :P